Rolyan Temper Foam - Self-adhesive sheets

by Rolyan
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Rolyan Temper Foam
Use the Rolyan Temper Foam as a layer of padded lining in splints, casts, and adaptive equipment. It works as a barrier to protect the body from further injury. The open cell foam can help minimize the effects of objects bumping into, scraping, or brushing against a cast or splint.


The Rolyan Temper Foam is available in a range of densities. Choose a density based on the level of additional support needed to a line a brace, splint, or equipment.
Yellow: Very Soft
Pink: Soft
Blue: Medium
Green: Firm
Open-cell foam offers a slow recovery back to initial density
Foam padding is comfortably soft on the skin
Initially firm on impact but molds with body heat
Made with non-allergenic, latex-free materials

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