Vasyli Orthotic Heel Lifts Wedges And Additions

by Vasyli
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Vasyli Orthotic Heel Lifts Wedges And Additions

This product is designed to position your foot because we know that all feet are not the same and often there’s a need to modify the orthotic insert based on specific problems that each user is having. It can also be used to relieve stress from your Achilles tendon and lower leg. This product is available in three different heights and three different sizes to make the fit as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Mixed Addition Pack. This set provides you with a sampling of the Vasyli additions. Includes 1 pair of heel lifts, forefoot varus, rearfoot varus, forefoot valgus and metatarsal raise.


Constructed of self-adhesive material to fit inside of the shoe and to assist in creating a better position for the foot structure
Heel lifts should be placed at the back and center of each shoe and should end under the tarsal area for correct wear
Quantity: Pack of 10

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