Chattanooga Dura-Stick Plus

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Chattanooga Dura-Stick Plus

Dura-Stick Plus

Dura-Stick Plus consists of varying adhesive electrodes made to conduct electrons from the electrotherapy unit to the user. Electrotherapy provides relief caused by muscle pain. Whether you are sore from exercise, muscle overuse, carrying stress in your shoulders, or even sleeping wrong, electrotherapy is designed to reduce muscle tension. Dura-Stick electrodes are compatible with most electrotherapy units, and is made to be used by individuals like yourself and clinicians. Use electrodes at home, while traveling, or in clinical environments. Available in a variety of size, packaging, and shape combinations – choose the option best fit to your intended use, and treatment location.

Easy-To-Remove Tab

Use Dura-Stick Plus for electrotherapy post-injury or for rehab and recovery purposes. Unlike traditional electrodes, Dura-Stick Plus features an easy-to-remove tab. This feature promotes easier, and more comfortable removal by you or a professional.

Permagel Hydrogel

The Permagel Hydrogel transforms this electrode from a traditional electrode to a premium, self-adhesive form of electrotherapy relief. Permagel Hydrogel is a superior coupling agent used to reduce skin-electrode resistance. This technology, in addition to the blue foam backing, provides immediate electrotherapy benefits.


Premium electrodes that act as a conductor and medium between you and your electrotherapy unit
Conductor designed to aid in the relief of sore, aching, or tense muscles caused by injury and overuse
Features Permagel Hydrogel technology that acts as a coupling agent, and completely conforms to your body contours
Includes a carbon conductive firm in combination with a flexible, spun lace backing
Available in a variety of size, shape, and packaging combinations to be used on any major muscle

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Chattanooga Dura-Stick Plus

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