DAR-2: Diagnostic Assessments of Reading–Second Edition - Classroom Kit Form B with TTS By Florence G. Roswell , Jeanne S. Chall , Mary E. Curtis & Gail Kearns

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DAR-2: Diagnostic Assessments of Reading–Second Edition - Classroom Kit Form B with TTS By Florence G. Roswell, Jeanne S. Chall, Mary E. Curtis & Gail Kearns


Helps classroom teachers identify students who need help with reading
Identifies individuals or groups for reading instruction related to Title I Programs
Allows reading specialists and reading clinicians to diagnose a student’s difficulties in reading
Provides an individualized approach to reading assessment for Adult Literacy Programs
Can be used with students of all ages and abilities
Offers a multilevel, ungraded format with simultaneous administration and scoring

Ages: 5-0 to Adult
Time: Approximately 40 minutes
Administration: Individual

The Diagnostic Assessments of Reading – Second Edition (DAR-2) provides a comprehensive assessment of individual student achievement in print awareness, phonological awareness, letters and sounds, word recognition, word analysis, oral reading accuracy and fluency, silent reading comprehension, spelling, and word meaning.

Scoring and Administration

The teacher/test administrator simultaneously administers and scores DAR tests, marking students’ responses as correct, incorrect, or omitted. A mastery criterion has been set for each test, and the student continues with each test until the highest mastery level has been established.

ScoringPro Software

DAR ScoringPro allows for the aggregation and disaggregation of student scores collected from the DAR Interpretive Profile. Reports available include an Individual Report/Profile and a Class List Report.

System Requirements: Windows ME/2000/XP, 150MB hard disk space, 96MB of free RAM (128MB recommended), and CD-ROM or DVD drive.

The Trial Teaching Strategies (TTS) is an online resource that offers short lessons to address a student’s reading needs. TTS extends the comprehensive nature of the DAR by addressing the specific needs DAR identifies for a particular student. After administering DAR, the teacher can log on to the TTS website and use a student’s DAR results to access strategies appropriate to try with that student. As an alternate option, the teacher can access these strategies by selecting from an index of reading topics. The TTS website is easy to use. In just 3 steps, teachers can obtain instructional strategies to try with their students.

Complete Dar-2 Classroom–Form B Includes: Teacher’s Manual B, Student Book B, 30 Response Record Forms - B, and TTS for Five Users

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