Hartmann Hydrofilm and Hydrofilm Plus Transparent Film Dressing

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Hartmann Hydrofilm and Hydrofilm Plus Transparent Film Dressing

Wound Protection

Hydrofilm and Hydrofilm Plus Transparent Film Dressing is used as a barrier between your patient's open wound and bacteria. The high moisture vapor transmission rate prevents moisture build-up and peel-off. This product is designed to apply onto skin securely and comfortably for longer wear time. The transparent, waterproof film allows wound assessment without dressing removal and provides for easier patient hygiene. Excellent for professional and personal care.


Hydrofilm is a flexible form of protection that covers the skin underneath. This form of film dressing allows the user to shower, go outside, and continue with everyday activities without changing dressings. The hypoallergenic adhesive layer allows for easy repositioning of the film during the initial application. Hydrofilm is excellent for wound management, post-op dressings, and waterproofing.

Hydrofilm Plus

For slightly exuding wounds, choose Hydrofilm Plus. Hydrofilm Plus is designed to prevent your wounds from secondary infections and for sterile treatment of minor injuries. The absorbent, but low profile padding is comfortable and made for everyday wear. The flexible polyurethane film is waterproof, prevents infection, and is able to be removed without wound irritation.


Flexible, contouring form of protection made for wound management, skin protection, post-op dressing, and waterproofing
Sterile, made for personal and professional medical purposes in your home, on the go, in clinics, hospitals, and more
Self-adhesive, sterile, and made with semi-permeable polyurethane film that blocks bacteria
Unique, clear design allows you to check the status of the wound without removal

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