Meridian Stool Collection and Transportation System

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Meridian Stool Collection and Transportation System

Parapak C&S (culture and sensitivity) is a system for collection, transportation, and preservation of bacterial enteric pathogen when maximum sensitivity is required from a stool culture procedure
30 ml plastic disposable vials are filled with 15 ml of Modified Cary-Blair transport medium, containing phenol red indicator
This isotonic non-nutritive medium will preserve the viability of delicate pathogens (as shigella and campylobacter) preventing overgrowth by commensal organisms
A change in color of the indicator from red to yellow will indicate an overgrowth and improper storage of the specimen
Enteric pathogen survival for 96 hours and longer
Leak-proof screw cap with collection spoon


Closure Type: Screw Cap with Collection Spoon
Color: Orange Cap
Material: Plastic Vial
Medium: Cary-Blair Agar, Phenol Red Indicator
Usage: Disposable
Volume: 30 mL



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