Patterson Medical Cramer Cold Spray

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Patterson Medical Cramer Cold Spray

First Aid Essential

Small injuries and spasms due to impact and muscle overuse are very common amongst sports players. The pain associated with these injuries often limits their ability to perform, but Cramer Cold Spray allows athletes to quickly return to a game or practice. Although it is a temporary solution, it can be reapplied until the injury can be addressed or treated at a later time.

Use On and Off The Field

Cramer Cold Spray is lightweight and compact, making it an ideal treatment that can be taken anywhere. Trainers and coaches can have it on site at both games and practices in case of irritation or injury to players. Additionally, athletes themselves can personally store them in a sports or gym bag to have it on hand for easy application as needed.

Ice Alternative

The cooling spray provides a similar pain-relief effect that an icepack does; however, it does not require the down-time or the materials. Additionally, athletes will continually experience the cooling, menthol feeling as they return. Whereas an ice pack can only provide cooling relief while directly applied to the affected area.


Topical cooling spray in aerosol can for direct, easy application to the affected area
Gives a cold feeling to instantly provide a temporary relief of pain, irritation, and swelling
Quickly evaporates from the skin and does not stain if it comes into contact with clothes
Meant to treat acute pain injuries from minor strains, sprains, and contusions
Lowers the surface temperature of the skin, making it ideal for hot conditions due to activity, environment, and/or injury

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