Patterson Medical Oval-8 Splints

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Patterson Medical Oval-8 Splints

These finger splints are a simple and cost-effective solution to numerous conditions. They are nearly invisible while stabilizing the DIP and PIP joints without inhibiting finger and hand function.

For Treating Finger Conditions
Can be used to correct the lateral deviation, swan-neck deformity, and flexible boutonniere deformity. The splints also support mallet finger injury and help prevent trigger finger. When two ring splints are used the PIP and DIP joints are fully immobilized for resting them and preventing unwanted motion.

Getting the right size is important to an effective recovery. Each Oval-8 Splint can be rotated 180° to increase the fit by a half size. This is great for swollen fingers to get the perfect fit


Designed to position the finger in up to 20° of flexion of hypertension
Simple and effective design is used for multiple conditions
Sold in a cost-effective and refillable kit
Molded from 1/16" (1.6mm) translucent plastic without seams
Non-latex material

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