Patterson Medical Rolyan San-Splint

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Patterson Medical Rolyan San-Splint
Customized Fit

The isoprene splinting sheets can be easily heated and shaped to provide rigid support splints for the arms, legs, or back. Simply heat the sheet in an oven or hot water for 2-3 minutes and begin shaping. Use the solid sheets for maximum support splints and use the perforated sheets for a more breathable, rigid fit.

Easy Bonding

The Rolyan San Splints material is not coated like many comparable splinting materials. This allows the splint to be permanently bonded when pinched together, without the removal of any coating. It gives the fabricator more control so that he or she can bond the splint without additional help.

Highly Supportive Splints

The Rolyan San Splints are highly rigid with maximum resistance to stretch. The isoprene splinting material is ideal for creating medium or large splints that support the arm, hands, back, or legs. The San Splints can be used to create functional position splints, spasticity splints, resting mitt splints, back supports, and body jackets.

Features :

Moldable splinting material made with rubber based isoprene
Provides a high degree of control when softened with a hot air oven or hot water
Offers optimal rigidity for a stiff and supportive splint without the use of reinforcement
Resists denting and fingerprinting so the splint can be aggressively worked
The splint can be cut and shaped with easy trim edges


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