Patterson Medical Squatty Potty - Ecco 7" White

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Patterson Medical Squatty Potty

Everyone Poops… Wrong

The Puborectalis Muscle is positioned so that when you are standing or sitting it tightens and puts a kink in your colon. This is ideal for all of the times you do not want to relieve your colon. However, when the colon is kinked and you are trying to rid waste, it can cause severe discomfort along with hemorrhoids, bloating, constipation, and a butt load of other issues.

The Squat

The 90° sitting angle might be great at your desk for doing work, but squatting with your knees above your hips is the best position at your porcelain throne for doing business. This squatting position relaxes the Puborectalis Muscle and unkinks your colon for a smooth experience. Remove the strain from sending dooky down the drain. You will be able to relieve yourself more completely in about half of the time.


The Squatty Potty is an innovatively designed unit for your body and your bathroom. It is made to fit right around your toilet for a space-saving
tuck that looks as good as you will feel. It also has divots for feet placement, so it’s not just your colon that is experiencing comfort. The rubber grips on the bottom keep this easy-to-clean and durable unit from slipping away, because that would stink. The durable plastic unit is 21” x 13” x 7” and has a weight limit of 250lbs.


The best stool to improve your stool, and you only want to trust #1 for when you are going #2
Relaxes the puborectalis muscle to unkink the colon for a natural pooping position that eliminates strain; basically, you won’t need to push from your tush
Doesn't waste space, as it tucks nicely around your toilet while not in use for a clean look
Easy to clean, made from recycled material, and is built to last; so you know you’re not getting a crappy product
Features foot slopes for comfort and rubber grips on the bottom so that this stool does not slide away while your stool is sliding out

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