Rolyan Black Stockinette Comfortable and Gentle on Skin

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Rolyan Black Stockinette Comfortable and Gentle on Skin

Rolyan Black Stockinette

This simple black stockinette is a simple solution to protecting skin under a cast or for holding on bandages. The black color has a cleaner appearance than traditional white stockinettes making it great for long-term use. The cotton is comfortable to wear and durable.

Skin Protection

The 100% cotton makeup of this stockinette makes it especially great for continuous contact on the skin. It is soft and gentle on the skin which makes it the perfect layer of protection under casts, braces, and splints. Most of these can be placed directly over the stockinette or formed on top of it.

Wound Dressing

The Rolyan Black Stockinette can also be used to secure wound dressing. The stockinettes can hold bandages and wraps in place while providing an outer layer of additional protection.


Stockinette roll measures 25 yds.
Made from 100% cotton that is comfortable and gentle on skin
Comes in a dispenser box to make giving stockinettes to patients and clients easy
Can be used as a barrier between the skin and a cast or brace
The cotton composition is latex-free

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