Skil-Care Cushion Air Provide Comfort And Relief

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Skil-Care Cushion Air Provide Comfort And Relief 

Using an Air Cushion for Comfort and Relief

Skil-Care Air Cushion is designed to provide comfort and relief for any wheelchair user. Whether you need more air pressure or less air pressure, the cushion is adjustable with the use of an air pump. Being able to adjust the cushion makes for easy adaption to sudden or continual pressure discomfort that may be experienced. This cushion is ideal for reduced pressure caused by the inability to disperse weight or damaging skin friction. If lower back or hip pressure pain is bothering you or a loved one, an air cushion may be the first step in the right direction to a more comfortable and pain-free life.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Pain and discomfort can show up anywhere and at any time, especially for those who spend longer periods of time sitting. Most cushions provide comfort relief and pressure disbursement, but with an air cushion, the air pressure can be raised or lowered to fit the individual’s needs. It comes with an easy to use the air pump to accommodate changing or prolonged pressure discomfort. Cleaning is simple and easy with an incontinent proof cover. The cover does not absorb liquids making it as easy as wiping it clean with a damp cloth.

How and When to Use Cushion Air

Cushion air is simple to use and can be used virtually anywhere at any time. The cushion lays on the bottom or across the back of a wheelchair and can be easily adjusted for maximum levels of comfort. It is intended to be used whenever the user feels discomfort or pain caused by pressure. Traditional wheelchair seats and cushions do not always seem to be the most comfortable, but with an air cushion, comfort can be found every day by any wheelchair user.

Features :

Cushion air has adjustable air pressure levels to provide comfort and relief based on the individuals needs
Comes with an easy to use the air pump to raise or lower air pressure in the cushion
The cushion is incontinent-proof due to a fluid-proof cloth cover that is easy to clean
Pressure disbursement promotes higher levels of comfort from low surface tension, preventing friction
Use as a regular seat cushion or as a back cushion to relieve different areas of pressure from the back to the hips, legs, and thighs

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