AliMed Cognitive Tasks Workbooks

by AliMed
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AliMed Cognitive Tasks Workbooks

Attention Workbook

The Attention Workbook is designed for the most basic cognitive skills. This workbook supports processing, concentration, discrimination, filtering, and persistence. The layout of the workbook helps with visual-motor attention skills and includes suggestions for auditory-motor and tactile-motor attention tasks. Attention Workbook promotes activities such as tracing, copying, selecting, and constructing.

Memory Workbook

The Memory Workbook develops memory skills using rhythm and rhyme, categorization, visual imagery, reading comprehension, and visual-spatial memory tasks. Ideal for individuals with moderate to severe memory impairment that interferes with everyday functions and independence. The workbook includes six different sections for memory strategy: rote memory, pegging, rhythm & rhyme, categorization, and PQRST reading, and spatial memory. This workbook helps to transfer memory skills to activities of daily living.

Problem Solving

The Problem Solving Workbook offers basic or very simple problem-solving tasks that incorporate analysis, synthesis, and multiple process manipulation of information. The use of visual, verbal, and mathematical problems are used to stimulate fundamental problem-solving. Problem Solving Workbook helps to refine basic skills and make everyday tasks easier.

Features :

Cognitive Task Workbooks written by Mary Evanofski, include: Attention, Memory, and Problem Solving
These brain stimulation workbooks were created to help clients get back on the road to recovery after any neurological impairment or injury
Used by children, adolescents, and adults to strengthen and encourage cognitive thinking after a serious neurological injury
Designed to be used at home, school, or for clinical use to aid in the recovery process
Each workbook is sold separately

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