Patterson Medical Exam Gown

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Patterson Medical Exam Gown
Exam Gown Design

The exam gown is comprised of three layers to ensure a durable exam gown throughout office exams and procedures. The layers are made of tissue/poly/tissue to protect the user’s clothes and skin. A universal design makes the gown comfortable while fitting most body sizes and shapes. The gowns are made using latex-free materials for a skin-friendly and safe experience.

Featured Ties

Each exam gown features two sets of ties. One set of ties goes around the user’s waist for a modest and convenient fit. This pulls excess material out of the way without restricting movement and circulation. The second set of ties are located up on the back of the neck. These ties hold the gown up in a fixed position preventing sliding and falling off. The ties are made of a plastic material to ensure a durable tie that will hold over the duration of the exam or procedure.

Intended Use

The exam gown is intended for use in various medical settings including a doctor’s office, surgery centers, or care centers. They make it comfortable and modest for the patient while making examinations easy for the doctor or nurse. They cover all of the major parts of the patient’s body and tie to keep the gown on and in place. This is a convenient and great way to keep things easy for both patients and doctors.


Exam gown for patients that have a universal fit and come in various colors
Plastic waist ties provide a modest fit for patients
3-ply exam and procedure gowns are made using a tissue/poly/tissue composition
Durable and comfortable for use during the entire exam without ripping or becoming uncomfortable
Made using latex free material to ensure a skin-friendly gown for all patients during exams

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