Patterson Medical Micro-Fresh Putty

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Patterson Medical Micro-Fresh Putty

Remedial Resistance

Sammons Preston Micro-Fresh Putty is a great therapeutic tool for the hands and feet that should be used after an injury or post operation. It is designed to be an aid in rehabilitation efforts to gradually restore strength and nimbleness in the muscles and joints. Due to the varying resistance options available, users can graduate to more firm putties as they gain back strength and ability.

Ultra Fresh Odor Eliminator

This long-lasting putty is specially made with Ultra-Fresh, an EPA registered antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial agent. This combination agent allows the therapeutic putty to fight against smell by resisting the destructive, odor-causing growth of microbes, allowing the putty to last longer so that users can focus on regaining their abilities rather than replacing the product with a fresh one.

Versatility and Ease of Use

The compactness of this product allows for easy storage and transportation, making it a simple go-to for both Physical Therapists and their patients. The putty can be placed in a small airtight container and used at therapy sessions in the office, or at home on the kitchen counter. Sammons Preston Micro-Fresh Putty makes it so that efforts towards rehabilitation can be made just about anywhere, at any time. Simply take out the putty and begin performing twisting, pinching, stretching, and pulling exercises in between hands or on a flat surface.


Available in five distinctive colors with different levels of resistance for varying abilities and strength of users; the colors can be combined to create custom levels of resistance that are fit to an individual’s needs
Highly versatile in its use including improving strength, improving grip, increasing dexterity, fine-tuning motor skills, and relieving tension or stress in the hands, fingers, wrists, feet, and toes
Putty is made with Ultra-Fresh which provides odor protection and allows the putty to last longer than the average, even with extended use, in order to provide a clean experience every time
The Micro-Fresh Putty is made from a non-toxic, latex-free, non-oily material that allows for safe use without leaving behind color stains or an oily residue on the skin
Flexibility and durability of the putty allows users to meet a wide range of needs for both the hands and feet through various squeezing, stretching, pulling, pinching, and twisting exercises to target problem areas

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