Patterson Medical Tetragrip Cotton / Rubber-Blend Bandages

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Patterson Medical Tetragrip Cotton / Rubber-Blend Bandages
Tetragrip Tubular Bandages

These tubular bandages offer mild compression to help control swelling. It is an economical wrap that features uniform support and continuous pressure. The material can be washed and reused for long-term and hygienic bandaging.

Sizing Options

Tetragrip comes in 12 different sizes that are designed to fit any part or region of the body. Size A is small enough to fit infants and the largest size, L, can be used on large trunks and torsos. Tetragrip offers a wide range of sizes to suit any compression or bandagin need.


Tetragrip stockinettes can be used for a number of different applications. They make great compression wraps and the gentle pressure makes it ideal for holding bandages and wound dressings in place. They can also be used as a splint and cast liners to protect the skin.


Tubular bandage for evenly distributed light compression measures 11 yds.
Offers 8-14 mmHg of compression with 50% stretch
Features a natural-colored cotton/rubber blend
Comes in widths of 1-½” to 12” to comfortably fit anything from feet and hands to large abdomens
Made from washable, non-latex material

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