Rolyan AquaForm Zippered Wrist Splint

by Rolyan
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Rolyan AquaForm Zippered Wrist Splint

The AquaForm Zippered Wrist Splint is made for professional use on patients. The splinting material is designed to be heated up in the office and customized to fit individual patients. It can be modified and remolded to achieve the desired fit.

Versatile Splint

The perforated wrist splint offers to immobilize support to the wrist and forearm. Professionals use it to treat arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, strains, and other cumulative traumas. It can also be used as a support brace after the removal of a cast. The long length wrist splint extends just below the elbow, and the short length wrist splint covers ⅔ of the forearm.

Zipper Closure

The AquaForm Zippered Splint features a unique zipper closure. It promotes the easy removal of the splint if users wish to temporarily take the splint off. The zipper runs the length of the entire splint from the forearm to the hand.


The firm splint is designed to immobilize the wrist and reduce pain
Stabilizes the wrist to repair tendons and heal various injuries
The latex-free splinting material made with 2.4mm 4% perforated aquaplast-T and a zipper closure
Offered in small, medium, and large sizes in long and short lengths to accommodate various wrist sizes
Stockinette liner is sold separately


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